Star Garden Moon Watch for the New Moon, May 8, 2005

Hello, Everyone—

I'm Maria Theresa Maggi, intuitive astrologer here in Moscow, Idaho and you're listening to the Star Garden Moon Watch for the new moon on May 8, 2005.

This "mother's day" new moon brings us the earthy beauty and magnetism of Taurus, the sustainability expert of the zodiac. Taurus is the first earth sign, and so concerns itself with the raw materials that make things grow: the soil that grows our food, the cement that pours the foundation of our homes, the money we exchange to secure creature comforts, or the sweet scent of the flower that draws the bee in to help pollinate the next generation. The sign of the bull is vitally focused on thriving in the physical realm. Taurus energy holds on to what feeds it the way roots grab the soil, and believes in what it can touch, taste, hold and have. For Taurus, comfort is the first measure of what's valuable. Since change of any kind is often experienced as uncomfortable, if you ask Taurus energy to change, you quickly understand where the expression "stubborn as bull" comes from. On the other hand, Taurus has stamina and staying power unmatched by any other sign. The sensual pragmatism of Taurus also allows us to go slowly enough to savor a good meal without rushing, or to revel in the patient romancing a loved one with music, wine, chocolate, and roses. Taurus naturally attracts any experience that pleases the senses and feeds the life force.

In the physical body, Taurus rules the throat. Venus, its ruling planet, brings a love of beauty and music and often gives those born with planets in Taurus the sensuality of a beautiful or calming speaking or singing voice, or an innate sense of rhythm that makes them graceful and languid in their movements.

At this new moon, we are not geared toward change. Instead, we renew the value of making ourselves (and those who depend on us) comfortable, or taking care that what sustains or preserves us all is maintained. We may have to dig our heels in and lower our horns to accomplish this, even if others see us as "bull-headed." Since Saturn in Cancer is like an old friend talking on the phone to this new moon, we may want to make dinner for a grandmother, a mother or an elder, or enjoy the return of a ritual that feeds us emotionally or literally (like the Farmer's Market), or seek some other sensual and emotional connection to the past that makes us feel happy and safe. This placement may also compel us to hold on in the fight to save public policies or laws such as Social Security or the National Environmental Policy Act because they provide a fundamental foundation for protecting the health and longevity of society and the environment.

In the next two weeks, all political, social, environmental and even personal causes may take the form of consolidating or conserving what we have, or refusing to budge or give away too much in the negotiation process. We might need to be wary of investing energy or resources in something touted as a "new" and seemingly ideal reform. The challenge of how to structure a dream into a practical form within certain constraints might also be a theme. We may simply need to take a breather from the transformation brought on by the eclipses of last month, and watch the bees buzzing and the flowers growing, or center ourselves by literally sitting on the ground, listening to a song, or just snoozing on the grass. Although it may seem counterintuitive when there is so much to do, Neptune's placement reminds us that to fulfill our collective dream of a more balanced future, we may need to slow down and space out long enough to let a new plan (or a new plant) take root. The 2005 Farmer's Almanac entry for May gives the perfect Taurus tip for this kind of pacing: "The traditional way to determine soil temperature is to remove your overalls and sit down in the dirt. If you are too cold, don't plant yet."

Here are some suggestions for each of the sun signs about how to find stability in the face of shifting dreams this new moon.:

Aries: A friend is there for you, even if he or she can't be right in your immediate environment. It helps you keep plowing through without losing hope in the future.

Taurus: The new moon in your sign finds you able to stand your ground on tough choices in a process of change. The strength of your charm can help win the day.

Gemini: A family matter is settled that required a lot of logistical maneuvers. Now it's time to settle into these changes on an emotional and practical level.

Cancer: You feel responsible to a plan, a group or a friend who needs you. You instinctively know what needs to be established won't happen without your help.

Leo: Speaking your own truth can help balance the ideals of a group or partner you want to please while also following your gut instinct about practical reality.

Virgo: A spouse, relative or friend may need your compassionate attentions and spiritual strength. It's fortunate you feel grounded enough to be the steady one.

Libra: A surprise in your health history could have a partner or an advocate working to further your security, even if there's a fight involved; let them help.

Scorpio: You may find yourself expressing some things you've kept secret even from yourself in the interest of preserving the comfort you want with a mate.

Sagittarius: You may be changing things at home to bring more stability into your daily life. You want to combine financial responsibility with being kind to a friend.

Capricorn: You may enjoy comforting attention from children or a loved one that eases worry about the ways in which the stability you have known is shifting.

Aquarius: You are hoping to make a family member comfortable at home. This may be idealistic on your part, but you're willing to work at making it happen.

Pisces: You are now ready to talk seriously about something you have been mulling over privately regarding your connection to someone older or to your own past.

Although the process is slow, like composting leaves and leftovers into new soil, the Taurus experience teaches us we are to be patient stewards of the material and sensual pleasures of life. We cannot possess these things in any permanent way. Instead we must tend them carefully, share them playfully and learn to pass on the means and the vision to keep whatever prosperity and bio-diversity we now enjoy viable for the following generations. At this new moon, we may even be challenged to go beyond the value of sustainability to grow the dream of restoration. Let's begin by declaring our interdependence on one another as we turn toward ways of living that nurture the earth, our first mother. Let's stand firm to protect her and her children, by continuing to shine our lights, shed some light, and keep it light.

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