Star Garden Moon Watch for the Full Moon, July 21st, 2005

Hello Everyone—

I'm Maria Theresa Maggi, intuitive astrologer here in Moscow, Idaho, and you're listening to the StarGarden MoonWatch for the full moon of July 21, 2005.

This month the full moon returns to the sign of Capricorn, the natural polarity, or opposite, of Cancer. At the Cancer new moon two weeks ago we began with an invitation to bring our family relationships or our past into a new context. Now, if we accepted that invitation, we can use this full moon's energy to emphasize how we claim our own authority to be ourselves in light of our past and in relationship to the world at large. Cancer began with the need to be nurtured, or to nurture. Capricorn reminds us that we alone are responsible for how we master those needs.

As you may remember from the Summer Solstice MoonWatch, Capricorn, the tenth sign of the tropical zodiac, describes our relationship to the power structures of the world, how we build a career or a public reputation, and how we move through life's stages toward maturity and old age. Along with Saturn, its companion planet, Capricorn defines the structures of the world, both internal and external, which quantum physics now tells us are indistinguishable from one another at the subnuclear process level of reality. This means, as we're told in the film What The Bleep Do We Know, that the deepest level of truth uncovered by science and philosophy is one of fundamental unity. Correspondingly, the tarot archetype for Saturn is the World card, which is always represented by an image of the world being encircled and contained by the very things that comprise it or bring it into being. Saturn is actively involved in this full moon chart by joining the sun to oppose the moon. The psychological emphasis of contemporary astrology describes the dynamics of the opposition as an opportunity for awareness, for facing what we are "opposed" to in others, which often contains a component of our own shadow material

The chart of this full moon may emphasize an emotional realization or bring experience that it's time to grow up in some way—or that we think someone else needs to grow up. This inevitably brings the often lonely knowledge of being separate from those who are at a different stage of life or level of maturity than we are. Our duties and responsibilities to our children or our parents may also require a focused or taxing emotional attention, or be the subject of conflict or negotiation. Leo's spirit of fun and play is sobered by Saturn, which has just entered that sign. Our experience of what now feels most real to us in the world at large challenges us to live the paradox of finding freedom, and even a stark beauty, within the constraint of our limitations, as the following poem I wrote years ago dramatizes:

The Rings Around Saturn


When considering a personal chart,

the judgment of a person's power of control

will largely depend on Saturnian characteristics.

The urge toward limitation may be expressed by

the desire to keep within bounds, to be cautious.

and to work to achieve security.

The ability of the person to feel

insufficiency will also be shown,

with a marked tendency to become chilled,

either emotionally or physically, by illness.


Forget praise. Forget the pair of people,

the pair of breasts, all huddled together

like colorless moons circling away from the sun.

All the deaths and the pregnancies

get mixed up after so long:

just so many trips to the hospital.

Your mother knows what I had to go through.

When I had her I was as big as a mountain

and my own father didn't know me I was so swelled up.

The doctor told us if we craved something

and didn't eat it, the baby would

be born with its tongue sticking out.


I would never have told you that.

I can wait any full moon out,

stare at it with jelly cold eyes,

smash its yellow plate smeared with blue ink of clouds

across my forehead, and live.

So many swords in the dark. . . .

Let me rest. I'll light another cigarette,

and hold this sweaty glass to my head for an hour.

You were always such a serious child,

always listening with your eyes,

always speaking as if your words

could change the weather.


Saturn is tilted, like Earth.

Could Saturn's rings have countless, perturbing

invisible moons shepherding

it's ringlets in the dark?


I keep dreaming about water.

At the ocean, north of Fort Ross,

it seemed different one night at sunset—

a hole in the net of air above the rocks,

not in line with the horizon, or the falling sun,

or waves swirling in the half-open

mouth of a cove below. The soft grass

was like silver worms, and the wind

tried to tug me through that hole in the net.

I wanted to break out of my orbit and leap:

I kept remembering the time I washed

six quart jars made of clear glass last summer,

left them upside-down on the counter to dry,

and they filled up with sunlight anyway.

Here are some possible ways to envision the both/and reality of poetry in our choices (or what quantum physics calls the spread out wave of possibilities) at this full moon:

Aries: Choosing a new approach to your life might mean you need to strike a balance between your desire to rebel against those who constrain you, and a willingness to be responsible for your actions.

Taurus: Your beliefs about the future or a group may shift as you begin to see that when you act from a place of generosity as a course of habit you expand the comfort zone of your daily interactions.

Gemini: You feel responsible for mobilizing a change in routine that balances home life with work life. A logistical change with partners, children or a creative project may be part of the mix.

Cancer: You may be working out tensions between acting on your beliefs in a more public way with feeling constrained by public processes or partners that want you to be circumspect. You need partners or family to understand rather than resist this desire.

Leo: Creative or educational projects or children have you thinking outside the box and admiring the big picture, while you also feel that limitations built into your routine duties may hold you back.

Virgo: You might see how you can express or use dream or intuition in a wider more public creative context if you are willing to go out on a limb and share it with others you teach or learn with.

Libra: Your future seems full of responsibilities at home or toward any public project that must make more happen with less, yet you have the generous vision that these challenges will work out.

Scorpio: You may want to get things done your own way or follow your own routine, but if you take responsibility for your feelings and still listen to others, you can be in charge without a fight.

Sagittarius: You may have an urge to change direction through travel, publishing or some legal or educational venue. These or other romantic ideas may surprise you with new responsibilities.

Capricorn: Changes with family or partners can leave you feeling emotional about the past or the limitations of the present, yet new beginnings are also possible if you live your own truth.

Aquarius: Your usual emotional caution may be at odds with wanting to express serious feelings or take new action with a friend or partner. You may want to share your ideals publicly.

Pisces: You may feel a new seriousness toward children or your routine that makes you want to be sure you are using your time wisely, yet it's also fun to be working on a project you believe in.

The mystery of the direction of time, the domain of Saturn and Capricorn, is still a puzzle to quantum physics in the sense that there's no interesting distinction in the fundamental laws of physics that explains being able to remember the past but not the future, or being able to influence the future, but not the past. People usually assign a kind of deterministic or mechanistic nature to the passage of time and to reality in general without even thinking about it. But what if we were to shift that paradigm in the direction quantum physics is heading, to one in which the more "real" approach to life is not "to be in the know, but to be in the mystery"? This new model of science, which has always been the model of poetry, says that's what's happening within us will create what's happening outside of us. In my view, that gives us all the more incentive to "authorize ourselves" to create a better world from within, as we shine our lights, shed some light, and keep it light!

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